Dream big and design what you dreamt, that is how we kick start all our projects. Making an event look visually appealing is challenging and strenuous. And our designers love challenges! Segregating the best from the traditional and the modern, they create an ambience that is perfect for your attendees. From In-site promotions to colour combination, every event that is designed in Grips will have a lasting impression on people.



While our planners diligently arrange logistics to help clients make the right impact in the right time, the designers are thinking of unique locations. The Grips team is always enthusiastically reaching far ends to gather insights for making every event and award-winning one. Our broad-based expertise and 18 years of experience aid in delivering excellence on every event we plan.



Hi-fives and eye rolls among team mates, makes the office a happening place to be. Our team building activities ensure that you witness an increasing graph of team work and productivity. Be sure to see an engaging team with better communication in your next Corporate event.


Concept ideation, design, fabrication and execution are the core elements of our event planning. Company events or product launches, we design events where you can showcase your business at its best. Our superior designs, creative expertise and production has helped us to build a valuable relationship with our clients.